Also, he was happy to hear Cavendish praising Usopp for saving him. Even though it said "Sogeking" and he was wearing a mask, they could recognize him because of his nose. Ultimately, he was recorded as Sogeking on his wanted poster. Residence: In this battle, Usopp is shown bruised and brought to his knees, but he somehow manages to pull through with the help of the Straw Hats crew, and the Usopp Pirates—his fan club of three young children. Usopp fully befriends the crew when they decide to help him defend his village from the Black Cat Pirates. It is also unclear as to how well he knows his father, as it was never said when exactly Yasopp left (except for the flashback during the fight between Usopp and Daddy Masterson with Yasopp saying "I left when he was just a baby to sail with Shanks' crew"). However, on his return to the Sabaody Archipelago, he shows no fear of the Fake Straw Hat Crew despite them having guns and attacks them without hesitation, and then turns his back to them to talk peacefully with Nami. One clue is in Chapter 41, it is said Usopp's mother died not that long after Yasopp left, in the flashback, Usopp looks like a small child. Though some of Usopp's lies actually help and inspire people like Chopper and the dwarves of Dressrosa. Leo in particular worships Usopp and values him as a hero. In return, Franky provided a workshop for Usopp to work on his gadgets and creations, something he is more at home with. Usopp was naturally terrified of Brook when he first appeared on the crew and tried to ward him off with a crucifix and was against the idea of Brook joining the crew even after finding out he was harmless Usopp stated "I wouldn't be able to sleep with a skeleton walking around". Banchina was Usopp's mother. A few examples are during the battle against the Black Cat Pirates when they were initially the only ones fighting them, when Usopp was scared of fighting Enel even though he was supposed to rescue her, and when Usopp attempted to hide behind Nami when facing against Page One and Ulti before the two were forced to run with their enemies in pursuit. Because of his own cowardly nature, Usopp is sympathetic towards the plight of Law's captured crewmates at Wano and would not fault them if they did reveal Kin'emon's plans to the Beasts Pirates as he would do the same if he was in their position. While Zoro showed no outwards signs of grief, he was nevertheless concerned when Usopp left the crew and was happy to fight with him when he was disguised as "Sogeking" even when they got handcuffed together. However, her power had little effect on Usopp, who got to his feet claiming that he could not become negative because he already is negative, even saying it in a brag-like way. I used to bluff better in the past, but now I can actually do these things! Nico Robin è l'archeologa dei pirati di Cappello di paglia. Introduction • Gallery • Personality and Relationships • Abilities and Powers • History • Misc. Anime pre-timeskip This indicates that he compartmentalizes this aspect of himself to deal with the stress of the situation. However in the wake of Donquixote Doflamingo and the Donquixote Pirates defeat at the hands of the Straw Hat Pirates and Heart Pirates Alliance, the Marines have issued new bounties for the entire Straw Hat crew, resulting in Usopp's wanted poster being upgraded with his true name and face (albeit an unflattering photo of Usopp while he was unconscious), while his bounty was increased to 200,000,000 along with his new epithet, God for his role in knocking out Sugar and freeing all the Toy slaves which ultimately led to Doflamingo's years of deception being exposed. He will attempt to continue even with his injuries. In defeat, Usopp dealt a large blow to Trebol as he indirectly knocked Sugar out, which caused her curse to be broken and ironically destroyed everything Trebol's crew worked for.[31]. When their duel was interrupted it heavily enraged Usopp, and sought out the perpetrator. [19] It was probably left over from the mask festival that was taking place on a nearby island at the time. Ex vice presidente della Baroque Works ed antagonista della ciurma, si unisce ad essa in seguito allo scioglimento della sua organizzazione. 5:57. In turn, Usopp noticed she has grown too as she hugged his face to her breasts. It seems as though you wish to save a young lady. An example of scientific knowledge is in his battle against Caesar Clown. He understood that even though Caesar Clown had the Gasu Gasu no Mi, therefore making him a Logia type, he would still explode if he was exposed to fire as he was still just gas. When his "Sogeking" bounty is made public, Kaya is able to identify him and seemed proud of his accomplishment. The trio ann… Yasopp is Usopp's father. This technique allowed Usopp to capture Caesar, along with Buffalo and Baby 5. and, when asked for the whereabouts of the 'Island of Snipers' he supposedly comes from, maintains that it exists "in your heart." Even when the Merry was swallowed by a giant goldfish, Usopp's belief in them did not waver that they would keep their word and let nothing stand in their way. Usopp was nervous when Robin joined the crew as she worked for the criminal company Baroque Works, so Usopp decided to interview her to see if she was trustworthy. The Sogeking costume is only complete when Usopp incorporates his favorite goggles into the mask's eye holes. After they separated at Dressrosa and they reunited at Zou, Chopper jumped into Usopp's arms, overjoyed to see him. Affiliations: Usopp grew to trust Robin during the Jaya arc and following the Skypiea arc. In his battle against Chew, a fish-man and an officer of the Arlong Pirates, Usopp threw a bottle of rum at him catching him off guard before Usopp destroyed the bottle and ignited the alcohol with a Kaen Boshi, setting him aflame before exploiting the chance to hit him hard with his hammer multiple times, defeating him.Â. Oh man, I'm losing my edge. umairbasit. This discussion was interrupted by CP9 who made short work of the sniper and cyborg. After passed the challenge, Daddy congratulated him, convincing him not to lose courage and that he would find his father in the Grand Line. However, Usopp was terrified of the thought of fighting against a Warlord of the Sea as powerful as Doflamingo and intended to leave when he got the chance. Another one of Usopp's attributes is that he is a fast runner, which makes him an evasive fighter. Usopp's weapon of choice is a slingshot which he used in combination with a variety of pellets for long-range combat. He was born in Syrup Village, and was first mentioned by Yasopp, his father. He is still reasonably frightened of danger that is beyond his ability though, such as Luffy and Zoro popping the coating bubble while deep under the sea or the White Strom, or when traveling on Green Bit when he was adamant that he and Robin stay close together. 0:46. After the time skip, Usopp was happy to see his captain again. Throughout Thriller Bark, many members of the crew fell victim to the effects of Perona's negative powers, causing them to become incredibly depressed to the point where they could not move. After the Dressrosa Arc, Franky has gotten a small grudge on Usopp, because now his bounty is higher than his own and Usopp gloated about it but they are still friends, though that didn't stop Franky choking Usopp a little. )[3] (former)"Usohachi" (ウソ八, Usohachi? Usopp does not know much about his father, only that he is a member of Shank's pirate crew. After finding out about Ace's death, he developed the courage to escape and help out Luffy through the hardship or else he will not call himself a crewmate. I need no cause to lend my aid to you. However, when Kuro openly insulted Kaya, breaking her heart in the process, Usopp forgot his fear and flew into a rage, attempting to strike Kuro once again. In Punk Hazard after Caesar's subordinates disrespected Luffy right in front of him, he delivers an impactful speech to actually get them to believe in Luffy, after he explains that things would have been much easier for him had Luffy been the kind of captain who would turn his back on his crew. During the climax of the Enies Lobby Arc, Usopp helped Robin escape the clutches of Spandam by sniping him and the Marines from the Tower of Justice. Both Usopp and Franky became hostages of CP9 along with Robin until they were saved by Sanji. Usopp hid behind Zoro but still verbally threatened them and even used Zoro's arm to point at them. 174 cm (5'8½") (debut)[13] 176 cm (5'9¼") (after timeskip)[10] While not at the same level as Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Jinbe, Usopp's endurance and willpower is considerably strong. After the Enies Lobby battle and Franky's joining the crew, along with Usopp rejoining, Usopp and Franky became the best of friends. After being given water, it eats up anything in the immediate area, such as rocks and boulders, to use as ammunition. They arrived just in time to save the Franky Family from being overwhelmed by the marines when Yokozuna gets knocked out, as well as take over it in guarding the door to the inner courthouse, keeping the marines out—but not before flinging Sogeking up to the rooftop to rejoin the Straw Hats. Despite this cowardly nature, the sniper and the doctor make a surprisingly good fighting team, as seen when they defeated Mr. 4 and Miss Merry Christmas and after the time skip when they bested the New Fish-Man Pirates. As Franky pointed out, his skills are amateur and he barely knows how to use a hammer correctly for such jobs. The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story. When Usopp asked what Robin specializes in she responded with "assassinations", to which Usopp panicked, but when he saw the fun Robin's Flower Flower fruit ability he got distracted and forgot his fear of Robin. Though he was pleased Usopp was safe, Zoro still prevented Luffy from letting him rejoin the crew as Zoro wouldn't let anybody (even friends) disrespect his Captain. Ironically, this showed Usopp was still underestimating the Four Emperors, as he failed to understand just how difficult it is to sneak into their territory and escape alive. In return, Luffy showed the same belief as he told his crew that he still had them when forming an alliance with Trafalgar Law, something that flattered Usopp. Everyone except for Luffy and Chopper realized right away that Sogeking was Usopp at the sight of Usopp's significantly long nose. CP9 interrupted the argument and a vicious struggle ensued. However, as the comic relief character, he is often made fun of. During Operation S.O.P. Sanji was the one to ultimately inspire Usopp to see the value inside himself saying that while he (Sanji) was physically stronger and could do what Usopp couldn't do, Usopp possessed skill to save Robin and could do what he "couldn't do". He told them about Kaya and the ship that her family owned, and the Straw Hats decided to try her as an option. His skills when used in conjuntion with unique ammunitions such as the Firebird Star, Usopp can deal devastating damage in long range combat. This is due to the fact that he is so high-strung and jumpy, and he often gives into his basic survival instincts: fight or flight (usually choosing flight), although this seems to have changed after the timeskip where he is shown to be more confident in his abilities. The pirates had a tearful disbandment when Usopp decided to leave and become a real pirate. Usopp also has some skill with hair cutting since he and Robin act as the crew's hairdressers.[20]. When they arrived to his village, he immediately attempted to scare them off with his typical lies about his large following, but Luffy instead found him very amusing. Straw Hat Pirates; Straw Hat Grand Fleet; Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance; Usopp Pirates (disbanded)

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